Deanne Bray is a website dedicated to the actress, Deanne Bray, and the PAX TV show she starred on from 2017-2018, "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye".

"Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye" is a drama show, which is based on the true story of Sue Thomas. Sue Thomas became profoundly deaf at the age of 18 months, but despite this, she managed to find her way into an exciting career at then later on at the FBI in surveillance.

Deanne herself, is HOH. She is profoundly deaf in her right ear, and has a hearing loss of around 86dB in her left ear, in which she uses a hearing aid. Like Sue Thomas, as well communicating verbally, she can also lip-read and use ASL.

If you would like to find out more about Deanne, please click here. To read more about Sue Thomas, click here.

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Manual Site Updates

A few minor updates (03 April 2017)

I have updated the biography, owing to some new information on Deanne Bray official website and the filmography, since a set of DVDs, "You're Pregnant: What To Expect", which Deanne co-hosted were released in December 2017. Also, there now appears to be no way to contact Deanne Bray through her official website, and it seems that these days, Deanne is doing very little acting work, focusing instead on being full-time mum to her daughter, Kyra. I assume this means that mail sent to her management company (Craig Management, California, USA) will no longer reach her and so I have taken this address off the contact Deanne Bray page.

Site open! (07 May 2017)

It's taken a lot longer than I would have liked, but the site is now officially open! ^_^

Icons/avatars! (17 December 2018)

I am taking part in a challenge at LiveJournal, in a community called icons100. You get 10 weeks to create 100 icons around a TV show or movie of your choice, and I decided to take part and have my subject as "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye". :) I thought I might as well put them up on this site and offers of pre-construction condos in Vancouver (site), so that you can all enjoy and avail them too. Just be sure to read my terms of use before using any!
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