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To join the fanlisting for Deanne Bray, I ask that you adhere to a few simple rules/guidelines:

  1. It seems obvious, but you must be a fan of/like/admire Deanne Bray, her work around the deaf community, or be a fan of "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye" or another show she's been on.
  2. Give your first name when joining, or a sensible nickname. Screen names will be edited if I feel it appropriate. Last names are not listed.
  3. Your name, own valid e-mail address and country are required when joining.
  4. If you have a website of your own (it doesn'../fanlisting/buttons.html">link back.
  5. I will not link to your site if it is commercial, contains any content not suitable for people of all ages to view or any discriminating material. However, the rest of your information will still go up.

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