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By filling out the form below and joining the fanlisting, you will simply be added to the members list. This is not a fan club, a mailing list or anything similar. Please also be reassured that you will not receive any SPAM as a result of joining. E-Mail addresses shown on the member list are protected with JavaScript, but if you are still concerned, you have the option to hide your e-mail from view.

Please use the form below for joining the fanlisting. Hit the submit button only once. Your entry is fed instantly into the database and your email address is checked for duplicates. Passwords are encrypted into the database and will not be seen by anyone other than you. If left blank, a password will be generated for you.

If you have a website, a link back to the fanlisting is greatly appreciated. Please use your first name when joining or a sensible nickname. Screen names will be edited if I feel it appropriate.

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