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About The Show

"Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye" is a drama series based on the true story of Sue Thomas. Sue Thomas became profoundly deaf at the age of 18 months, but her parents were determined to make her as much a part of the "hearing world" as they could, and she overcame many obstacles to work as an undercover surveillant for the FBI.

In the series, Sue Thomas (Deanne Bray), has recently graduated college and goes to Washington, DC to begin her first real job, which is at the FBI. When she gets there, she is disappointed to find that she has been placed on a program called "Special Projects", and that her job involves the tedious task of analysing fingerprints. However, she doesn't remain there long as she meets FBI Agent, Jack Hudson (Yannick Bisson), who discovers her ability to read lips. He believes that she would be very helpful to his team in surveillance, and enlists her to join them. Sue discovers that not everybody is willing to work with a deaf person, but she and her hearing dog, Levi, prove themselves to be very useful. Sue is permanently transferred to Jack's team, and she and Levi find themselves involved in more action than they bargained for.

As well as Deanne Bray and Yannick Bisson, the show also stars Rick Peters (Bobby Manning), Enuka Okuma (Lucy Dotson), Ted Atherton (Myles Leland III), Tara Samuel (Tara Williams), Marc Gomes (Demetrius Gans) and Jesse Renfro (Levi the dog).

The show is aimed at a family audience, and has fans both young and old. It is not only aimed at the hearing audience, but also the deaf and HOH audience.

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