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A brief description of the main characters on "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye".

Sue Thomas

Sue Thomas is somewhat sheltered and has recently graduated college. Her first real job is with the FBI. She is profoundly deaf, but can speak and lip-read to communicate with the hearing world. As well as this, she also signs. She is a very good-natured and enthusiastic person, always ready to try anything. She is enthusiastic about life and always sees the best in people.

Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson is a somewhat cocky, friendly and motivated agent. He takes his work at the FBI very seriously, and was the one who gave Sue a chance to prove herself and ultimately, got her onto the team. He grew up in Wisconsin and believes himself to be a bit of a country lad.

Lucy Dotson

Lucy Dotson is Sue's best friend in the team and they share an apartment together. Lucy is the team's rotor and is basically responsible for a lot of the paperwork. She is a very light-hearted person, with a lot of enthusiasm and a very bubbly nature. She has lived in DC her whole life.

Bobby Manning

Bobby Manning is a good-humoured, friendly agent, who is an Australian at heart. He can sometimes be somewhat explosive, never afraid to speak his mind, which sometimes gets him into trouble. He had a problem with gambling some years ago, but sees himself as recovered.

Tara Williams

Tara Williams is the computer genius of the team, and is very clever. She's bubbly and friendly, and is dedicated to her work.

Myles Leland III

Myles Leland III is a Hardvard graduate and is very well spoken. He prides himself in being intellectual, and likes to grow roses in his spare time (he developed a hybrid he called "The Crimson Myles"). He keeps his feelings to himself, and appears to not be very close to his family. Despite being very intelligent and forthright about his opinions, he has a bad habit of sucking-up to people further up the chain in the FBI.

Demetrius 'D' Gans

Demetrius is a responsible agent, and a family man at heart. He is married, with two children. When the team's supervisor (Ted Garrett) leaves, Demetrius takes over as acting supervisor, and then later becomes supervisor.

Levi the dog

Levi is Sue's hearing dog, and she relies on him a lot, for both help and companionship. Levi is a Golden Retriever and very friendly. The team grow to adore him too.

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